Modular BattleBoards

With over 20 table-top ready panels in the works, your battlefield will never be the same again!

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We have received a lot of amazing feedback and valuable constructive criticism from you guys on how we can improve our product, and have collectively decided to cancel our campaign. However, this isn’t the end of JstTerrain. We are committed to producing the best product possible, and as a result we’ve decided to take a step back and redesign JstTerrain from the ground up.

We are extremely grateful to all of our amazing supporters, who helped us get funded in an astonishing 30 hours. Furthermore, we completely understand that this isn't something you wanted to hear, and for that we are truly sorry!

If anyone is interested in hearing about the upcoming progress regarding JstTerrain 2.0, we encourage you to sign up to our newsletter at https://jstterrain.com.

See you soon!

The JstTerrain Team

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Beards and Bolters

The battlefield is ever changing!

Table-Top Battlefields will never be the same. With over 20 panels in the works we intend to make flat battlefields a thing of the past!


Each panel is 11x15 inches so no matter what you play we got you covered! JstTerrain Panels will make your battlefields come alive in mere moments by dropping in only the pannels you need for the mission!


JstTerrain panels are lightweight, impact resistant, heat resistant and solvant resistant making them nearly indestructable! To prove it we even parked a car on one!

Table Top Ready

Our panels all arrive pre-painted so you can get your game started even quicker! 

Panels for days!

We're busy designing as many panels as we can!

Check back often to see what's new!

Lava/Scorched/Ice Fields


Bunkers and City Blocks



Currently Under Development

Crash Sites




Under Water

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